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Zorba's Chocolates are Raw, Dark, and Divinely created in Ashland, Oregon. We make hand-crafted Raw Dark Chocolate Superfood Truffles & Bars. Our commitment is to living consciously while supporting our community with the most nutritious and delicious superfood raw chocolates. My name is Todd Bjornson, and I am the chocolatier. Alongside me is my wife Rebecca … the best quality control chocolate taster that I have ever met!!! And the most supportive friend, too!

Zorba is a name that has great meaning to us. "Zorba the Buddha" is a Dionysian figure that both fully embodies the wisdom of the sage and is fully present in the dance of life. This is in perfect alignment with our commitment to injoy life to the fullest while living simply and consciously. We were first introduced to raw chocolate while living in Sedona, Arizona. I quickly started to make raw chocolate at home. As the experimenting and passion for this new found love of chocolate grew, I found myself giving it as gifts to friends, family, and massage clients. We moved to Ashland, Oregon with the intention of creating a raw chocolate business that would support our community.

In 2008 Zorba's Raw Chocolates was born. The chocolate and I meet together in an alchemical dance to create pure bliss for the taste buds. Creating a chocolate that is rich in flavor, long on the palate, meditative for the mind and therapeutic for the body. My intention is to share High Vibration – Light Infused – Mantra Blessed … Raw ~ Dark ~ Divine Superfood Chocolates!!!

with Gratitude and Many Blessings Zorba
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